Friday, May 11, 2007

Your Own Store…Do you know what it really takes?

In addition to the business plan, the marketing, and the finances, what else goes into getting your store up and running? Gumption. Yes, gumption. Do you have that? There is more, too. "Sticktoitiveness". What? Yes, sticktoitiveness. We go even further…good old elbow grease. Over the next few months, BOBSA will feature new beauty supply stores and how they get from the planning table to the grand opening.

Here’s a peek courtesy of Platinum Styles Beauty Supply, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The full picture story will be in the BOBSA Gallery soon.

As seen on the BOBSA Web site, these are the resources and qualities needed for beauty supply store start-up:
• Financing
• Ingenuity
• Patience
• Competitiveness
• Ability to work with others
• Willingness to learn
• Strong work ethic

Are you ready to explore the possibility of owning your own beauty supply store? See how BOBSA can support you. Click here for more information.

We also have developed BOBSA Online Beauty Supply Stores that are available for purchase. Four of those that are purchased and online are:
Check them out!

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