Monday, May 7, 2007

BOBSA Business Directory

BOBSA's business directory will be finalized soon with new features.

To capture all of the information that we need to maintain a complete directory, we are encouraging BOBSA members, who are business owners in the hair and beauty industry, to go the website and complete the business registration form. This will capture pertinent information such as business summary, category, web site, telephone number, et cetera.

To access the form, go to Click on Directory, then click on the link "Click here to register your business".

We thank everyone for their feedback as we strive to serve the BOBSA community effectively.

Thank you for viewing the BOBSA Web site.

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alfred said...

Most printed business directories are only updated once a year. This means that a directory listing may be out of date by the time a consumer tries to contact a business. As a business owner, it makes the listing useless for advertising short-term or seasonal specials. With an online directory listing, the business owner can edit their listing at any time.

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