Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Grown Hair Care for the Natural Hair Movement by Jane Carter

Jane Carter
Our hair is our most visible and vulnerable body asset; it requires special care and maintenance. Natural, wavy, curly, straight, relaxed, color-treated, or twisted; hair is hair. Jane Carter is passionate about creating products that are natural, sustainable and effective – homegrown hair care. After 20 years in the hair care industry, the Jane Carter Solution came to fruition, a diverse collection of healthy homespun hair products for all hair types and textures. A multi-cultural hair care line that is designed for ‘humanity’; plant-derived, vegan-safe, hair color-safe, child and eco-friendly products that promotes scalp health and hair growth.

The journey began with Jane Carter’s desire to reward clients with beautiful, healthy hair. She opened her first salon, challenged with obstacles to assist the needs of a diverse clientele. Finding the right formula was pertinent to her brand and influential in her belief that “hair is hair”. Frustrated with the lack of chemical free product choices, Jane realized that she would need to create them with her own hands; she formulated her own hair care line using plant derived ingredients. Utilizing her years of experience, including traveling with Clairol’s National Style Team and serving as Educational Director for Avlon, she began experimenting with different botanical oils, sea botanicals and natural proteins and discovered that these natural ingredients were both light and effective on all hair types and textures. 

The strong woman today, as a mother and dedicated business mogul, she has become the DNA to a leading natural hair care company. Her success story reflects a wealth of knowledge, past experiences and personal determination that led her to create the winning formula for our diverse world. Jane Carter Solution was created to fill a need for natural hair products that work effectively on all hair textures. Expanding to meet the needs of her growing hair family, Jane launched two extension lines; Jane Carter Solution Restore, formulated to promote hair growth, scalp care and moisture retention Jane Carter Solution Hydrate, offering unique moisturizing styling options for natural hair.
Traditionally the average small business doesn't easily find their way to becoming a global brand. Coming from a family of innovators, Jane has become the driving force for a brand that exemplifies a purpose, a cause and a solution. She is proud that her award winning products are available nationwide at top retailers such as Target, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens and various health and wellness stores and available in Europe.
Love your hair!

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